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bacterial and viral problems

Simulated Air Duct with Germicidal UV Lamps
Simulation - 185 KB image

Active Live Organism before exposposure to UV Irradiation

  Deactivated Organism after exposure to UV Irradiation



Indoor and outdoor air is full of airborne biologicals. Most are positive forces in human existance, however there are some that can make you sick. There are a few that are very dangerous especially to the very young, senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems. Diseases that can kill include Tuberculosis, Legionnaires, Hanta Virus,, SARS and strains of E. Coli to name a few. Other examples of bacteria that could be dangerous to some individuals include chicken pox, measles, and influenza.


The places we live and work are tightly sealed with indoor air recirculating several times per hour. Most buildings do not have an adequate filter system to prevent the passing of these airborne microbes over and over throughout a building. In addition, unclean and poorly maintained HVAC ductwork can serve as breeding grounds for mold and fungi to grow which can then sporalate throughout the building. Traveling spores act as transports for bacteria to be moved throughout a building. People are getting sick every day from this unfiltered air. Employers lose thousands of productive hours because people literally seem to pass sickness back and forth between themselves when exposed to recirculating bad air.


Air purification using germicidal ultraviolet irradiation.

Germicidal Ultraviolet energy has the ability to kill airborne pathogens. Germicidal Ultraviolet irradiation as an air purifier is environmentally safe, very affordable and easy to install with little maintenance over the course of a year. Germicidal UV can be produced using UV-C lamps and applied by installing them into the actual building HVAC system. Mother Nature uses this process with UV rays from the sun.

TriMed's UV systems are cost effective, with low operating costs and are readily available for commercial or residential.

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